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How to Build Your Knowledge System?


'Three-step reading method.'

Step 1 - Read "orthodox" literature

The so-called "orthodox" refers to something recognized by the mainstream in that field or industry. What is orthodox is not necessarily correct. In fact, most of the views that were considered orthodox in the past have been proven to be inaccurate and have been revised. But we still have to start with current orthodox views, because they provide a baseline. Later readings are all based on the baseline.

For example:

Step 2 - Read authoritative review articles

The review article basically summarizes the achievements of a field in the past ten years.

The advantage of taking the orthodox and authoritative path is that you can communicate with real professionals.

For example:

Step 3 - Read interesting monographs

Most of the academic works published by scholars today are monographs. Since it is a monograph, the scope of topics discussed is generally relatively narrow, and the views will be very clear and even extreme.

Note that a clear and innovative point of view does not mean that it is correct, sometimes it is just the opposite. In the professional field, often only different voices can attract everyone's attention, and no one will listen to what others say.

Therefore, before reading these books, we need to have some understanding of orthodox knowledge and not regard unconventional opinions as mainstream opinions.